Aditya Goyal

Investment Analyst

Aditya Goyal

Aditya is an investment analyst for UMANA, focusing on helping grow our family member's venture portfolios. He joined the firm in August 2019. Prior to joining UMANA, Aditya previously worked for the House Fund, an incubator program for Berkeley's premiere startups. He helped cultivate the relationship between the Fund and student organizations and worked closely with the operations team for day to day logistical tasks. In the summer of 2020, Aditya interned for Group One Trading as an Option's Analyst working in the public financial markets, learning about options theory, exchange structure, and market-making.

He is currently in his fourth and final year at UC Berkeley, studying Political Economy with a concentration in International Trade. He is also in pursuit of his Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Technology from Sutardja Center. He personally is an active investor, an advisor to a couple of early-stage FinTech startups, and, most of all, a hungry learner always in pursuit to garner his knowledge base and abide by UMANA's always be learning core value.

What does wealth mean to you?

"The idea of wealth is often associated with a correlating notion that we, humanity, and the individual, always feel we never have enough of it. The concept of wealth consistently preoccupies our mindset because of the impact we can create with it. Wealth is a powerful tool. However, what a person chooses to do with it defines the type of person they are."