Bá Minuzzi

Chief Everything Officer

Bá Minuzzi

UMANA is led by Bá Minuzzi, a self made entrepreneur, humanitarian and fearless venture capitalist who cares about people, humanity, technology and purpose - not just profit. 

Ba is tirelessly lifting up entrepreneurial folks and empowering them to achieve the unthinkable. Bá has shaped her investment perspective by being fully committed to her career for the past decade and venturing in different investment areas. She is a former real-estate entrepreneur and financial advisor to ultra high-net-worth families.  She has single-handedly raised over $250M for real estate and high tech companies, in both Latin America and the United States, and manages over $250M in assets.  

Bá is the 1st Latina to be founder and sole GP (decision-maker) of a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley.

According to a report from PitchBook (Nov. 2021), women today make up 15% of general partners at venture capital firms. This is a 25% increase from 2019, when that number was only 12%. ○ Latinx investors make up only 2% of venture capitalists in general, and about 2% of partner-level venture capital investment professionals, according to a 2021 report by nonprofit LatinxVC, a consortium of investors trying to grow Latinx representation in the industry.

It’s not by coincidence that Bá has been lauded for "breaking all the rules" and "rocking male-dominated Silicon Valley" by various mainstream publications. 

What does wealth mean to you?

WEALTH: REDEFINED. This is what it's all about. It's not about money by itself - it's about freedom, achievements, experiences, growth and doing good. Knowing who you are, what you stand for, and unapologetically claiming your abundance."