Bia Carminati

Bia Carminati


Bia Carminati is a Digital Operations Strategist with fifteen years of client-oriented experience in Advertising, Communications and Tech, facilitating effective coordination and information flow between teams.

After nearly two decades of using her abilities to help brands communicate better with consumers, Bia decided to contribute her skills into humanitarian action, pausing her career and leaving in pursuit of volunteering opportunities. Her time away gave her the chance to develop a computer literacy program for teachers and students in the Maasai community in Kenya, and learn about some of the issues faced when it comes to technology in remote areas.

Completed Harvard’s Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster online course in July 2020 in order to learn how to deal with emerging challenges in the humanitarian sphere. Was selected to be part of the Twitter-Wharton Business Academy (University of Pennsylvania) in April 2019, with studies in Business Strategy, Customer Centricity and Value Creation.

Bia comes to Umana as a true believer in the power of seeking out the effects of racial, environmental and economic injustice by using wealth as a tool to bring about real change.

What does wealth mean to you?

For me, wealth is the ability to ask myself:
"What has been given to me?”
“What do I have to give back?”
Then give it.