Do you need a Family Office?

What is the most important thing in your life? What do you value more than anything else? Your family? Your career? Your freedom? Your health? What is at the very top of the list?


Most people think of wealth in terms of the money or property we might pass on to our survivors. Not here, at UMANA, we understand that wealth and money are not the same things.

Before creating and chasing more wealth, you need to ask
yourself, what does wealth mean to you? 

At UMANA, we believe every leader has to understand her or his impact on society and act accordingly, with responsibility.

We believe the most massive and meaningful transformations will be achieved through creative solutions and conscious leaders.

Our goal is to generate unthinkable positive social change by instilling a new generation of influential wealth holders and utilizing their wealth to help raise awareness, progress humanity, and help all find a deeper meaning and purpose in life.