What do we do for you?

When people ask about our superpower and how we differentiate in such a traditional and competitive industry, our answer is simple: CARING and LISTENING. We care about our family members. Our clients become part of our family, a family by choice.

We overdeliver, and we anticipate our family’s needs. Our members take comfort, knowing that we have the capabilities, energy, and responsibility to address every aspect of managing your wealth.

Scope of UMANA’s services:

  • Corporate Services

    Corporate Services

  • Impact & Legacy

    Impact & Legacy

  • Identity & Mission

    Identity & Mission

  • Wealth Creation

    Wealth Creation

  • Wealth Management

    Wealth Management

  • Family Administration

    Family Administration

  • Tax Planning

    Tax Planning

  • Human Flourishing

    Human Flourishing

  • Wellness Management

    Wellness Management

  • Experiences & Retreats

    Experiences & Retreats

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Tailored for you

We leverage technological innovation to manage the financial aspect of your wealth. To co-create and manage your legacy, we rely on a dedicated team of caring professionals and keep keen ongoing attention to changing circumstances.

  • 1

    Welcome Questions

    Our initial in-depth conversation focuses on who you are and what wealth means to you. What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want your life to be remembered? Our mission is to ensure you do not limit yourself to only professional achievements.

  • 2

    Wealth Map

    Based on the Welcome Questions, our team identifies strategies for growing and protecting wealth for you and those you love.

  • 3


    Verify and organize all the data, covering the full spectrum of your needs.

  • 4


    Ongoing collaboration, ensuring sure we are evolving to achieve your goals, and reach the financial results and positive impact you are striving for with the ultimate goal of building a legacy you will be proud of.