UMANA is Minority Led

3 times minority: Woman, Immigrant and Woman of Color

Foto Ba Minuzzi

UMANA is led by Ba Minuzzi,  a self-made entrepreneur, who leads conscious investing  and wealth management for high-net-worth celebrity clients. With UMANA, Ba is redefining wealth through purpose-driven efforts that will create a legacy for the next generation.

Preserve wealth or create wealth? Ba believes there's a third option. Apart from wealth preservation and wealth creation, there is wealth redefinition. UMANA is pioneer in the concept of purpose-driven family office and is revolutionizing the wealth management industry. At UMANA Family, Ba primarily focus is to create wealth aligned with one’s values. As of today, UMANA's current AUM is over $370M.

UMANA House of Funds focuses on our venture capital investments and has been part of some of the most premium deals in the U.S.  Only 15% of decision-makers (partners) at VC firms are women in the U.S. Black women make up 1%, while LatinX women represent 0%. No coincidence that Ba has been lauded for "breaking all the rules" and "rocking male-dominated Silicon Valley" by various mainstream publications. Ba is the 1st Latina to be founder and sole GP (decision-maker) of a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. 

Last but not least, Ba co-leads UMANA Venture Studio (UVS), a brand creation and match-making boutique, re-imagining the relationship between influential individuals and purpose-driven brands. The first brand built and launched by UVS is the delicious hazelnut spread, tbh, in partnership with GenZ Stranger Things actor, Noah Schnapp.