Our Family Values

Not every family shares the same principles or passions but at UMANA we take pride in the overarching alignment we cultivate with our members. We are not family by blood, but more importantly, by conscious choice. The values we share drive the value that we create. While members are accepted by invitation only, we strive towards inclusivity.

  • Hustle

    Work hard, take risks, achieve, and inspire others to do the same.

  • Focus on Flow

    Life, energy, and money all flow. Shape and enable flows of value.

  • Know Thyself

    Look within, seek your True Self and be true to your depths.

  • Be a Panda

    Smash preconceptions. Embrace paradox. Be like a panda. Pandas are black, white, Asian, fat, and female and male look alike.

  • Dignity

    Human development starts with dignity. Meet people where they are at. Invite their gifts. Be generous with yours.

  • Love

    Practice loving-kindness and power with. These are the currencies of tomorrow.

  • Regenerate

    Add value to living systems, do not extract. Do regenerative design.

  • Learn Baby Learn

    All the world's knowledge is at our fingertips. The half-life of knowledge gets shorter by the day. Learn, baby, learn!